Extract from K'no : A Tale of Youth & Woe

  Suddenly, K'no jumped to his feet and skipped across the room. His mood was so quickly re-tuned that I was quite shaken. He stood before the balcony and framed against the western sky, gave a slight bow towards me. Then, with considerable strength, he managed to wrench one of the great, long, silken curtains from its fitting.

   Using this material as a special device, he began to enact a bizarre and witty form of dance. His sprightly movements combined both grace and mimicry. The flowing cloth was merged into the sunset light. It glowed violet, purple and quick-blue. By deft of hand, he caused it to billow up and out; to funnel down and ripple like a vibrant stream.


You can now read the whole story of K'no in paperback and hardcover.

The book contains more than 12 fine pencil and full-page illustrations.


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